I am intrested in the origin of the carved straight stick marks with Angles attached to the ONE Vertical Mark.

When One angled One is joined at the Top, Middle and the Bottom downward and back up on each side of the Vertical One, Eight New small forms and Four LARGE Forms are seen, as today's letters are to Us.

The Reforming the Twelve forms together like "to get her" together with you they make many symbols, shapes, directions and marks to follow along to be able to make NINE Vowel sounds and 81 diphthongs then to be words seen as they were spoken by this early group/tribe of people most likely the Ones the Egyptians refered to as the Sea People. Since they chose to choose the vertical one for number ONE instead of horizontal ONE (As the Chinese still do use - <--one). Perhaps since they started with ONE most likely they were the First ones to create a print like Language First? In time this Group/Tribe became known as Phoenicians. Creators of "Phonetik" sounds, and as the Greeks claim their "T" mark is as they say it "TAU" it is suppose to be the name of the Phoenician Man that in BYBLUS invented writing, you can see that can not be true, as every Book (Byblus) Biblo today you read is in Print as handwriting is difficult to read as when written by Doctor's or copied by only the best forger's!


In time I hope have this page filled with the illustrations and the art of making vowel sounds and words seen as they were spoken before BC or AD were ever made.


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